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Grow your subscribers

with the power of 

transcripts and captions

Why should you have captions?

Expand Audience

Grow your Audience

Connect with more people in more languages than ever before. Open your audience by providing an accessible experience to the Deaf, hard of hearing and deafened.

Engage with fans

Engage with Fans

Use transcription to provide special incentives like sneak peaks or off-channel content to those who help you transcribe.

Broaden Reach

Broaden Reach

Grow your subscriber base and drive more people to your site with more accessible and SEO optimized, easy to index content. 

Crowdscriber's advanced toolset allows transcribers to quickly and easily create transcripts and captions for your content. Whether you decide to use our paid transcription service, or manage your own projects, we provide the best tools needed to get the job done.

Leverage Your Existing Content to Grow Your Audience

Get Your Content in Front of the Right Audience

Great videos and podcasts need to get found. The SEO game is getting tougher and content competition is increasing. You need to find an advantage to get your awesome content in front of more people.  

Google and other search engines can't "read" audio.

This means they don't know what your content is about.

You spend a lot of time focusing on SEO for everything you write on your content.  Especially the descriptions and headlines of your videos and podcasts. That's because that's what search engines can read.

There is also an untapped market of Deaf or hard of hearing people that would benefit from your content if it was accessible to them. So how do you get your amazing content in front of them?

How People Consume Video Content

How people consume content is also changing. People are so busy that they consume content in small snippets throughout their day. Think of all the micro break moments in everyone's day and that's when people are viewing your content. 

Waiting in line, at their work desk, even in the washroom (admit it, we've all done it).

What's the one common thing with these times? They watch videos with the sound off92% of mobile users watched videos with the sound off. You need captions or subtitles or they are watching someone else's video.

In such a competitive market, you know you should have captions or subtitles.  But you have more important things to focus on, so it often gets prioritized last. You'd do it if there was a fast, efficient way. 

How to Get an Edge in Podcasting

You already know that podcasts can really benefit from the SEO boost that transcribing can give. Podcasts are generally much longer in length than videos. People listen to them while working, driving, or cooking dinner. More audio, means more transcribing. 

Podcasting takes enough of your time. First you need to come up with great keywords for your title and description, write scripts, record the podcast, then editit all together. And that's just the beginning. 

Next you have to market it, pushing it on social media, and now you have to find time to transcribe audio to text???

If you have ever tried audio transcription on your own, you don't need me to tell you it's tedious. And you don't just have one podcast yeah, there's that too. There has to be a better way, right?

There are 466 million people in the world with disabling hearing loss.

World Health Organization


Transcriptions and captions can make a difference for you 

Whether you are a YouTuber, podcaster or blogger, we all want to grow our audience. Help the world find your content through the power of transcriptions and captions.  

There is an untapped audience of deaf or hard of hearing and non-English speakers around the world that need your content. Through transcriptions, translations, and captions, you can help them find your amazing creations.

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Crowdscriber was founded with the goal of making the content on the internet easier to access so as to be more available to everyone around the world, regardless of where you live or what language you speak.

Crowdscriber aims to provide an affordable, easy, and engaging platform that allows content producers the ability to reach their target audience through transcription and translation.

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