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Engage Your Fans or Do-It-Yourself

Did you know that Crowdscriber was built first and foremost as a do-it-yourself platform for creating captions and transcripts? It's true! So, what if your fans were willing to contribute captions for content? It never hurts to ask and Collaborative Captioning is what Crowdscriber is all about.

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Choose Your Content

In Crowdscriber you have two choices of how you pick content

Link to your YouTube Account

If you have your own YouTube Channel, you can link Crowdscriber to your YouTube account. Doing so will grant Crowdscriber the ability to import your videos allowing you to choose the ones you'd like Transcribed.

Import Content

One of the powerful features of Crowdscriber is its ability to allow fans of content to initiate transcription for a content producer. To import a video or podcast, click the "Import Content" tab, from there you'll be able to upload an MP3 file or enter a URL for a YouTube or Podcast of your choosing.


Create a Link

You've chosen some content and now you are ready for some collaboration! To get started, Crowdscriber lets you create a "transcription link" for a specific language.

Creating Link Distribution

Creating Link Distribution


Solicit Some Help!

Now that you have your transcription link, you only need to share it with your fans! Here are some suggestions to get you started, click on each to see a demonstration...





You're Done!

As contributors start adding captions to the content, you'll be able to monitor the progress, review and approve them in Crowdscriber. Heck, you can even jump in and contribute yourself. Once all the captions have been submitted and approved, you may then upload them directly to YouTube. Accessibility is really that simple!


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