Leverage your audience and community, use a team, and transcribe your content faster.  Perfect for enabling community contributions and captions.

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

Choose Video or audio

1. Choose Content

Select the content you want transcribed. You can link your YouTube account, or upload or provide a link to your own video or audio file.

Crowdscriber works for you

2. Share Your Link

Leverage your subscribers and followers to help with your transcriptions.

Approve subtitles

3. Approve Subtitles

Approve and publish completed subtitles. Upload subtitles directly to YouTube or download them for use with other platforms.

Crowdscriber Shareable Link

Generated link you can now share

Power of the People

What makes Crowdscriber rise above the rest is its ability to break your transcription work into chunks. When you choose a video or piece of audio to transcribe, it breaks into 2 minute manageable chunks.

Crowdscriber generates a link for you that you can distribute to anyone you like. Send it through Twitter, Facebook, an email list, post it in your YouTube description, however you want. Now each person that clicks on the link can transcribe a 2 minute chunk for you. 

Chunk distribution

Once they complete that 2 minute chunk and submit it, they can grab another one. And so it goes for everyone working on that video until all the chunks are done. Transcriptions get done much faster when you use the power of the people.

Same length video getting transcribed two different ways

The Crowdscriber way of chunk distribution

Crowdscriber Free Transcription Software

Other Transcription Software

Other Transcription Software

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Get started today growing your audience with transcripts and captions! 

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Use Your Audience to Grow Your Audience

It sounds strange doesn't it. How can you grow your audience with your audience? This is what makes Crowdscriber stand out from other transcription services. You can engage with your fans or subscribers to help with your transcriptions.

Use transcription to provide special incentives like sneak peaks or off-channel content to those who help you transcribe. Fan stands for fanatic. Some of your fans would love to be part of what you do. Now you have a way to engage with them, recognize them, and reward them.

Community Captions

Want to build up a community? Or maybe you already have one? Crowdscriber is the best tool for community captions.  It naturally allows multiple community members to contribute to caption, and even translate, a single piece of content.

Crowdscriber integrates easily with YouTube.  All you need to do is link your YouTube account to have access to all the videos in your channel.  Choose any one of them to send to your community and watch them go to work creating high-quality captions.  You can even take it a step further and request translations for some of your content.  You'd be surprised at the wide variety of languages spoken by members of your community.

By providing a common tool to your community, you encourage contributions and collaboration amongst its members, which enables you to welcome and help members in ways you couldn't before.

Solopreneur - Starting Out

What about the Solopreneur? You know who you are. You are the video creators, the podcasters, the true DIYers. The DIYers that do everything from recording, editing, SEO, graphics, lighting, audio mixing, web design, social media marketing, the list goes on. 

When you are starting out, you may not have the fan base yet to utilize them to help you transcribe. You still can transcribe it yourself using our great transcription software. 

One of the benefits is, if you link your account to YouTube and if auto-captions are enabled, Crowdscriber can pull auto-captions in from YouTube to give you a head start. Now it's just about editing the auto-captions, and adjusting the timeline.

Podcasts are the same. Start from scratch or import auto-captions to get a head start. 

Key Features

  • Control the speed of the audio/video - slow it down, speed it up
  • Mouse or hotkeys - Everybody is different, choose your style or use both!
  • Split and merge subtitles - Forget copy, cut and paste
  • Two views - Transcribe in a list view or timeline view
  • Small chunks - Manageable, less daunting, shareable

How to Use Captions and Transcripts to Improve SEO and Grow Your Audience

We all know that using the right keywords in our descriptions and titles for our videos and podcasts helps people find them. Adding captions to videos and transcriptions for podcasts is an even bigger boost. Using our free transcription software can help you gain an SEO advantage over your competition that thinks captions and transcriptions aren't worth the time. 

There is also a market of Deaf or hard of hearing that need your content. Without your video having captions, or your podcasts having a transcript, none of these people can access your content. And we aren't talking a handful of people. 466 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Open your audience by providing an accessible experience to the deaf or hard of hearing.

There are also a lot of non-native speakers of your language. If people have an understanding of the language, having captions on videos enables them to follow along better. Sometimes if a speaker has an accent, or speaks too fast, it can be difficult to follow along. Captions and transcripts help them with that. Now you are opening up to a global market

If you add subtitles to videos (translated into another language) you are now looking at another whole new market. 

What Google and Other Search Engines Like

Google and other search engines scan websites in order to figure out what the website is about. Its algorithm will start to piece together the essence of your content by what your keywords are. If you have a podcast or video on your site,  then how does Google know what those keywords are? In short: Google likes text not audio.

Transcribing your videos and podcasts will help Google and other search engines know what your content is all about, and they can then give you relevant traffic. Now imagine the power of adding those keywords into your dialog in videos and on podcasts. 

YouTube SEO Benefits

YouTube, a Google product, is similar. But all it has to work with are the words you give it. That's why we all spend time making sure our descriptions, titles and tags are full of the perfect keywords.

Why not add keywords to the script of the video? When you add captions to your YouTube videos now it can essentially read it like a blog. Now YouTube/Google can understand what your video is about and will be better able to put it in front of the right audience.

One study showed that 92% of people view videos with the sound off, and another study showed that 63.5% of people surveyed said it improved their focus and 62.9% said it helped them retain information. People remember information better when they read it and hear it which in-turn helps reinforces your message and brand.

Crowdscriber can be linked directly to YouTube so adding captions to YouTube videos is even easier.

Start gaining the benefits of captions and transcripts

It's free to use. No catch. No fine print.

Who Can Benefit from Transcribing?

Video creators

  • Improved SEO
  • 92% of people watch video with the sound off
  • Captions help improve focus and retention
  • Grow audience including more accessible content for the deaf or hard hearing.


  • Allows search engines to read it
  • Listeners can refer back to important information quickly
  • It lets the deaf or hard of hearing benefit from your content


  • Take recorded interviews and convert audio to text
  • Transcript of interviews word for word
  • Easier to find important parts of interviews for review


  • Record lectures and create transcripts
  • Easily have lectures verbatim
  • Transcripts can be shared with other academics
  • Makes lectures accessible for the deaf or hard of hearing

Get your transcription and captions now !

Crowdscriber is the perfect transcription software to help you create transcription and captions for your content. 

Do it yourself or leverage your audience and get transcribing your videos and audio today!

It's FREE to use!

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