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So awesome that you are here to transcribe your content and start gaining all the benefits. The first step is to get familiarized with the general layout in Crowdscriber. Here you will learn where to find everything you need to get started. 


If you find yourself asking, "Where the heck is this?", this post is for you.

General Layout of Main Screen

Here you will learn about the general layout of the main screen in Crowdscriber.

Once you are logged in you will see a sidebar on the left. This is where you choose what you want to do in Crowdscriber. There are four main options. Don't worry, we'll cover what each of them is for. 

The current selection will be blue, and open as the main window on the screen.  

Main Screen in Crowdscriber


Like the title indicates, here is where you will find all your videos, whether they are in the active transcription phase, video from your linked YouTube account or any other imported videos or audio waiting to be transcribed. 


Under Active you will find all the videos or audio files that are currently being transcribed. 

Here you can see:

  • title of the video
  • length of video
  • language of subtitles
  • status of transcription
  • number of chunks vs. completed chunks
Active video in Crowdscriber

When you hover over the video you can Review any submitted or completed chunks, or select Share Link to send the link to others to help you transcribe or translate your video. 

My YouTube

If you have linked your YouTube account to Crowdscriber, you will now see all the videos here from your YouTube channel.

From here you can choose which videos you want to transcribe and see the ones you have transcribed. Hover over the video thumbnail to see your options. 

You can start to transcribe the video into other languages, edit the existing subtitles, or access other options under subtitles. You will have the option to download your subtitles as a plain transcript, and as a SRT or VTT caption file. You can even upload your subtitles directly to YouTube.

Linked YouTube account

Stats and Adding Subtitle Files

When you hover over videos that have completed transcriptions, you will see two icons. 

  • Statistics

Here you will be able to see the number of views since adding subtitles. 

  • Upload More Subtitles

You may have subtitles in another language that have been completed in a .SRT or .VTT file. Here you can upload the subtitles to add to your growing list of translations for the selected video. 

YouTube video extras

Did you know it takes a professional transcriptionist on average 4x the length of the audio or video to transcribe? Leverage others to get transcriptions done faster.

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Imported Content

This is a great way to import other people's YouTube videos you want to transcribe or even audio in MP3 format, like a podcast.

If you haven't linked your YouTube account this is the only way to bring in YouTube videos to transcribe.

Click the Import Content button and you can then paste in the URL of the YouTube video or MP3 file you want to translate or transcribe. 

Add Subtitles to YouTube Video

Podcasts and MP3s

With audio files like podcasts there are two ways to import the content. When you click the Import Content button, you can either paste the URL link to the MP3 file or upload the MP3 file itself. 


The assigned section is where you will find any chunks you are working on. Crowdscriber breaks all videos and audio files into two minute chunks. (20 minute video = 10 - 2 minute chunks).

You have 12 hours to complete a 2-minute chunk. This should be lots of time to complete a transcription. But sometimes we go have a snack, close the browser, or just decide to continue later.

Don't worry if it expires, it just goes back into the magical Crowdscriber world. The next time you (or someone you sent a link to) opts in, the next available chunk is sent out.

Assigned Videos in Crowdscriber

To get back to your chunk, click Assigned on the left sidebar. It will automatically open the chunk you were working on last. If by chance you have two or more chunks (different content) going at the same time, you can choose which one to work on. 

Adding Comments 

This is an important part to help the professional transcriptionist understand things that might be difficult, for example, the number of speakers, spelling of names, unique words or acronyms.


Under your profile is the standard profile stuff with a couple of extra important things*

  • Who you are
  • Email and password options
  • Link your YouTube account*
  • Credit card info*
  • Subscribe*
Crowdscriber Profile Section

One of the most important parts here is linking your YouTube account if you plan on transcribing your YouTube videos. 

By linking it, you now can have access to auto-captions (if available) and easily upload your subtitles to YouTube with the click of a button. 

Now that you understand the general layout, check out the next post on the Layout and Settings for the Subtitle Editor.

Next Post:

Layout and Settings for the Subtitle Editor

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