Screen reader friendly version
1. Choose Your Content
Link your Crowdscriber account to YouTube and pick videos from your channel to Transcribe.
2. Create Video Chunks
We'll take your selected video and divide it up into small segments we call chunks for you. This helps break up the video so it's way easier to transcribe and share with the crowd.
3. Schedule Transcriptions
We will prepare a special link that you can send to transcribers via Email, Facebook or Twitter. When transcribers click the link they will get to work on a small chunk of the video.
4. Approve Video Chunks
After all chunks have been transcribed, Crowdscriber will combine them into one subtitle file for use on YouTube. However, before this is done you may scrutinize the transcribed chunks, approving or rejecting them as you see fit. Don't worry though, the chunks you reject will be made available to other transcribers for completion.
5. Gain the Benefits
Having subtitles for your videos allows Google to see inside its content. This will increase what is called "organic search traffic", because now Google knows to direct viewers to your video when they search for certain topics. Add in Translation, and now you are able to reach entirely new markets all across the world.