Layout and Settings for the Subtitle Editor


Crowdscriber's subtitle editor has some of the best features to make subtitling your videos and podcasts fast and easy. Here is a quick guide to the layout and settings for the subtitle editor so you can get started. 


Crowdscriber's subtitle editor has some great features that other transcription software doesn't have. Learn how to use these cool features and the hotkeys.

Take a couple of minutes to learn the layout and settings and you'll have the tips you need to start flying through some transcriptions!

Working Views

Timeline in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor
List View in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

There are two views you can view and work on your subtitles in. Timeline View and List View. You will most often be working in the Timeline View

For the General Layout of Crowdscriber for here

Timeline View

Timeline in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

The Timeline View is the default view that you’ll probably spend the most amount of time in. Here’s its layout and what everything is.

Main Editor Window Crowdscriber

Split and Merge Functions

The split and merge function will really change the way you transcribe, especially if you're using auto-captions.

For videos, Crowdscriber pulls the auto-captions from YouTube. Subtitles are often split in the middle of sentences as YouTube can't properly determine pauses. This is where the Split/Merge function shines. 


If you are working in the Subtitle Editing Area you can use the hotkey for Split Subtitle  - CTRL + ALT + S.

Alternatively, if you are working on the Timeline, you will notice that if you hover over a word, it highlights yellow and a scissor icon appears above. Click on the scissor icon and the subtitle will split. 


If two subtitles are right beside each other, you can hover over the Subtitle Drag Handles and the Merge icon will appear. Click on it and the two adjacent subtitles will merge! 

Split Merge Function

Split / Merge Function in Action

Right Sidebar

The right sidebar layout in the subtitle editor is your new best friend. Here you will find the most useful features - the two most important being Settings and Hotkeys.

When first familiarizing yourself with the Crowdscriber subtitle editor, you will be referring a lot to these 

Right sidebar Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

Hotkeys & FAQ

Hotkeys & FAQ in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

Here you will find a list of seven hotkeys that can be used to help you transcribe faster. You'll want to refer back here regularly.

Above the hotkeys you will also find FAQs and a link to additional tutorials. If you can't find what you are looking for let us know!

Hotkeys and FAQ in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

Hotkey List

Here is the list of the hotkeys you can use in the subtitle editor. Remember, for the Rewind function, you can adjust the time under Settings.

Hotkey list

The GIF here shows how the Shift text right and left work. Where you place your cursor is important. It will shift the text before or after the cursor to the blue subtitle box to the left or right (depending which you choose).

Hotkeys working


Settings in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

Still under the Right Sidebar, with Settings you will be able to adjust time of the playback control.

This is especially useful when you go from transcribing to reviewing.

As you grow more accustomed to the subtitle editor, you will find a style and timing that works best for you.  

Settings in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

Continuous vs Interrupted Playback 

Continuous playback does not pause the video automatically. You can still pause the video with the Tab key. 

Interrupted playback will automatically pause at an interval that you determine in seconds.

Rewind Controls

The rewind controls will become one of your most used features in the subtitle editor. You can rewind the playback of the video with the hotkey Shift + Tab. Here is where you set in seconds, how far the playback will rewind. 

Hide Transcribe Tips on Load

This toggles on or off the tips that pop up before you start a new chunk. You can disable the pop-up here. 

Playback Toggle

Playback Toggle in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

The playback toggle allows you to switch between a Continuous Playback and an Interrupted Playback

You can set the playback time interval and rewind time amount in the Settings.

On-Screen Help Toggle

On-Screen Help in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

This will toggle the on-screen help in the main views. There are little grey question marks with information when hovered over. 

Hover on me!

Submit Chunk

Once you have completed your 2-minute chunk transcription and you are satisfied with it, click the Submit Chunk button and you are done. Yay! 

Left Sidebar

The left sidebar shows the timings of the subtitle boxes in the timeline area of the timeline view.

Here you can click on them to jump to that spot. You can also delete and add subtitles from here. 

Use your mouse wheel to scroll up and down or use a grab and drag. We're all about choices here. 

List View

List View in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

The List View is a great view for reviewing subtitles, and fixing small changes in sentences. Here you can play the video and follow along. It's easier to see what's ahead for longer stretches. 

List View in Crowdscriber Subtitle Editor

You can edit the subtitles by clicking the subtitle you want and editing it on the left. If functions much like the Left Sidebar in the Timeline View, but now you can see the subtitle included. 

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